The Problem

1 in 5 Children

Will Be Sexually Abused By Age 18.

1 in 5

Are At Risk of Hunger Each Day.

1 in 4

Issue With Substance Abuse by Age 18.

The Problems



What is Food Insecurity?

One in five Virginia Beach children is food insecure. This means that although they may receive free breakfast and lunch at school, they may not eat again until the next day at school--and may go an entire weekend without a meal. Across the nation, there are sixteen million children who are food insecure, often going to bed hungry and usually eating food with little nutritional value.

Food insecurity had widespread implications. These children have a greater incidence of chronic illness, more frequent hospitalization, lower academic achievement, higher dropout rates, a diminished emotional and intellectual functioning. 

 What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Virginia law acknowledges child sex abuse occurring when sexual exploitation or a sexual act of any kind is committed or is allowed to be committed upon someone under the age of 18 by a parent or other person's responsible for child's care.

Sexual Exploitation- allowing, encouraging, or engaging a child in pornography or prostitution.

Sexual Acts- any of the following done to a child for sexual gratification or arousal: exposing intimate parts, indecent solicitation, french kissing, forcing child to watch sexual acts, touching intimate parts, forcing child to touch someone else's intimate parts or their own, intercourse of any kind, and sodomy.


What is Child Substance Abuse?

Often cases are when a child is prescribed painkillers after an injury or when a child's peers have been influenced by drugs or alcohol from their parents, these peers can affect another child's life and pressure them to use these substances as fun activities. After awhile, the high they feel is gone, so the need for more is necessary. Down the road, that substance can cause health problems or even death. 


Virginia 24 Hour Child Abuse and Neglect
Hotline: 1-800-552-7096

For more information on how you can help end child abuse in Hampton Roads contact us.